We are a progressive and non-partisan network oriented to generating knowledge, promoting political dialogue, and contributing to Chilean foreign policy and international relations.

Through various dialogue, research and outreach activities, Nueva Política Exterior (“New Foreign Policy”) Nueva Política Exterior promotes cooperation among experts, decision makers and a plurality of actors linked to Chile’s international relations.

Our vision

We aspire for Chile to occupy a leading position in international society through a foreign policy based on a progressive vision of development that is more effective, democratic and pluralistic.

Our values

1. Progressive foreign policy. Democracy, Human Rights, multilateralism and cooperation are cardinal values ​​of our foreign policy and international relations vision.
2. Feminism and diversity. Our work builds on a feminist and inclusive approach. We promote diverse voices to find common solutions to shared challenges.
3. Intellectual rigor and empirical evidence. We promote critical diagnoses based on studies with quantitative and qualitative methodologies that allow us to generate innovative and more efficient policy proposals.
4. Collaboration. We seek constructive alliances with national and international actors, such as think tanks, NGOs, universities and government institutions.

Our areas of interest

• Latin America and Chile's neighbours
• Human Rights and International Law
• Feminism and international relations
• Plurinational foreign policy
• Internationalization of Chilean regions
• Climate crisis, renewable energies and the alternative future of extractive societies
• The global impact of power relations
• Institutional and diplomatic capabilities
• Citizen diplomacy and participation of civil society in international politics